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This is a very flexible bead stringing wire. It�s state of the art design feels like fiber and offers the strength of stainless steel. The first 21 and 49 strand stainless beading wire that was created for the bead enthusiast who knot their work and for those designers who use crimp beads. It�s  construction offers flexibility like no other,  7 strands each containing 7 wires (7 x 7 wire construction) make 49 stainless steel micro-wires of strength, flexibility and longevity.    It is a higher quality alternative to tigertail.

A special nylon coating covers the wire to give a soft, silk like feel. Available in 3 diameters (.014, .019, & .024) in 30-foot and 100-foot spools.  Available in Clear (Silver-Color) and Black ( in .014 and .019), and in .019 for  Dk. Blue, Green  Red, Bronze, Purple, White, Bone, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise, & Butterscotch.

Diameter .014: (21 strands, 10 lb test) Perfect for stringing fresh water pearls and light weight designs. #14 seed beads can be strung on this diameter.   We suggest this size for necklaces.

Diameter .019: (49 strands, 26 lb test) The versatile diameter. Thirteen available colors for necklaces, beaded eye glass holders, watchbands, bracelets, and anklets. Glass beads, mineral beads, silver, and all metal beads. Able to pass through #13 seed beads and 80% of fresh water pearls.    We suggest this size for bracelets.

Diameter .024: (49 strands, 40 lb test) Excellent for multi strand designs & African trade beads, semi precious mineral necklaces, bracelets, and  watchbands. Perfect for stringing Hematite beads. Able to string #11 Seed beads on this diameter

Usually, you need to use crimp beads with soft flex wire.   It does not knot easily.   If you do want to knot, rather than crimp, the Soft Flex company suggests you use a figure eight knot.











Flexrite- by the BEADSMITH- is a professional quality beading wire at an affordable price! Flexrite beading wire offers a variety of choices for creating professional looking bead jewelry. Flexrite uses state of the art micro wire technology to produce a wire that is strong- soft- and flexible. Select from our versatile range of diameters to suite of all your jewelry making needs.


Available in 49 strand (Premium Quality- Most Flexible), diameters .012, .014, .018, .024.





We suggest:

Size .014/.015" for necklaces
Size .018/.019" for bracelets
Size .019/.024" for eyeglass leashes


Stringing beads on cable wire, thread or cord is not difficult, but it does require a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of the various parts and stringing materials that you will use.

The bead stringer has several goals to achieve: You want your piece to
a. Look good and be appealing
b. Last, not break and be durable
c. Move well as it is worn
d. Feel good and drape good as it is worn
e. Withstand all the forces and pressures that result, when your jewelry moves, as it is worn
f. Fit the context within which it is worn


Cable wires come in different qualities, usually indicated by the price per foot of the product.    It is difficult to compare cable wires across brands.    The critical information to know about cable wire strength is called "Tensile" strength.    To determine the tensile strength of a cable wire requires knowing what the wires are made of, what the nylon sheathing is made of, and how thick the nylon sheathing is.    The "tensile" strength comes from how successful this combination of Wire-NylonSheathing is to keep the cable wires from un-twisting.   Information about tensile strength is not provided by the manufacturers.   Sometimes they identify the wire as "stainless steel", but there are hundreds of grades of stainless steel.    Once the nylon sheathing is pierced or deteriorates in some way or allows air and contaminants to penetrate it, the cable wire rapidly loses its strength, and breaks.

Some brands organize their low end to high end based on the number of strands braided within the cable.     Other brands do not.    One company's 49-strand product might be much weaker and less flexible than another company's 49-strand product.