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For our Miami-Cozumel-Key West 
Your World of Jewelry Making Cruise


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1. Cozumel Necklace



- design plan

- simple micro macramé technique with overhand knots

- creating button clasp

- creating chevron pattern

- making necklace and pair of earrings 

Capture that Caribbean flair in this wonderful-to-wear Cozumel necklace and earrings!


hemp cord
sea glass beads (assorted sizes and colors)
shell heishi beads
decorative button
ear wires


2. Aztec Wrap Bracelet


Wrap Bracelets are constructed using a technique strongly related to loom weaving, with influence from basket weaving.     The technique used to weave Wrap Bracelets is typically referred to as “laddering”.

Here, you set up two warp cords (the leather) and weave, using either a Soumak or a Basket Weave Figure 8 pattern, with 2 needles, to create a composition between the two warp cords.    

Capture the colors, patterns and textures of the Aztecs within two lengths of leather in this Wrap Bracelet!


Leather cord
Mix of Czech fire polish beads
Czechmate tile beads
micro c-lon bead cord
c-lon #18 bead cord
pewter button
g-s hypo cement
#10 English beading needles
Collapsible eye needles



3. Wire Weaving Bangle


Wire weaving is a set of techniques, similar to basket weaving, where you wrap thin weave wires around thicker base wires to create patterns and textures.  

You can then use these wire-woven strips to make all kinds of things, such as the framework to turn a cabochon or bead into a pendant, earring dangles, bracelets, bails, and the like.


- materials needed
- preparing the wire before weaving
- 3 different weaving patterns with some variation
- finishing off our wire-woven strip
- making a bangle bracelet using our wire weaving patterns




The weaves:
o Graphic Nude Or Dressed


o Figure 8


o Double Figure 8 “Over-Over”



You will be amazed how easy and quick it is to weave with wire and create a bangle bracelet!


Bare Copper wire, 16ga and 26ga
Purple-plated copper wire, 26ga
Key ring
Hook and Eye Clasp
Jump Rings


4. Wire Woven Mayan Pendant


Create this Mayan inspired decorative wire weave and pendant bail around an elongated gemstone teardrop bead


- materials needed

- preparing the wire before weaving


- creating a 2-base wire soumak weave called Dressed or Nude


- shaping our wire weave to fit it around an elongated bead


- using the wire weave to create a bail and turning the bead into a pendant


Turn any bead into an exciting pendant with this wire weave wrap technique!


Materials needed:
Wire, bare copper, 18ga
Wire, bare copper, 26ga
Teardrop bead



How To Crimp Like The Experts


Learn the basic steps of stringing beads on cable wire, and attaching a clasp by crimping, with crimp bead, crimp cover, horseshoe wire protector and crimping pliers



- choosing and using crimping pliers


- 4 steps of crimping


- where to place crimp bead and how to leave a loop


- how to hold wires while crimping


- using horseshoe wire protector


- adding crimp cover


- making simple bracelet


Crimp like the pros! – Learn those 4 easy steps to crimping and make a simple bracelet.


Materials needed:
Crimping pliers
cable wire, .019"
crimp tubes
horse shoe wire protectors
crimp covers
toggle clasp
4mm size beads


Using Elastic String To Make Stretchy Bracelets

Stretchy bracelets are fun and easy to make, but first you must learn how to choose an elastic string, prepare the string before stringing, and finish off your piece.



- What steps you need to take to minimize memory loss, prevent breaking, and reduce the chance the two connected ends will come undone.

- Pre-stretching cord

- Tying a surgeon's knot

- What glue to use, and how to apply it



- Things you should NOT do


Stretchy bracelets are all the rage – learn how the best designers make them!



Materials needed:
Elastic string, .7mm
Assorted 6mm and 8mm beads
E6000 glue








Crimping Pliers  
Ring Clamp   
Wire Straightener   
Soft Flex Cable Wire, .019", 30ft spool   
Soft Flex Cable Wire, .014", 30ft spool  
Crimp Tubes, Sterling Silver, pkg of 24   
Horse shoe Wire Protectors, Silver plate, pkg of 24   
Horse shoe Wire Protectors, Gold plate, pkg of 24  
Horse shoe Wire Protectors, Sterling Silver, pkg of 10  
Crimp Cover, 3.4mm, Silver plate, pkg of 12  
Crimp Cover, 3.4mm, Gold plate, pkg of 12  
Crimp Cover, 3.2mm, Sterling Silver pkg of 6  
E6000, .18oz tube   
Stretch Magic, Clear, .5mm, 25 meter spool   
Stretch Magic, Clear, .7mm, 25 meter spool    
Stretch Magic, Clear, 1.0mm, 25 meter spool    
Chain nose pliers  
Flat nose pliers   
Round nose pliers   
Flush cutters   
Chinese scissors   
Wire, bare copper, 16ga,    
Wire, bare copper, 18ga,   
Wire, bare copper, 20ga,   
Wire, bare copper, 26ga,   
Wire, non tarnish silver, 16ga,   
Wire, non tarnish silver, 18ga,   
Wire, non tarnish silver, 20ga,  
Wire, non tarnish silver, 26ga,  
Wire, non tarnish brass, 16ga,   
Wire, non tarnish brass, 18ga,  
Wire, non tarnish brass, 20ga,   
Wire, non tarnish brass, 26ga,   
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