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These one hour classes are usually scheduled on a Thursday late afternoon at 5:00pm. Each Clinic focuses on mastering a specific skill.

The fee is $15.00, which includes instruction, handout, and materials. Tools are provided. You do not have to bring anything except yourself.

You will need to pre-register for these (615-292-0610), or online at

**CURRENT CLINICS: (See Google Calendar, or check with store, for schedule.)

1. Making Simple and Coiled Wire Loops   (click to register online)

We learn to make a simple loop, then a coiled loop.  We review the different types of tools we need to use and have on hand.  We practice making each of these loops until you gain some mastery.    Last, we work on making a bead chain using beads on coiled loop connectors.

2. How To Use Elastic String to Make Bracelets  (click to register online)

We learn about elastic string, how to use it correctly, including how to prepare the material before stringing, how to tie the best knot, and what glue is best to use.   We make a bracelet using elastic string and practice what we have learned.   We practice some variations, such as taking 2 cords through at once, and doing a double-strand elastic bracelet.

3. Let's Make Earrings -- Beads on Head Pins  (click to register online)

We learn to make simple earrings by sliding beads onto a head pin, completing our dangle by making a loop, and slipping the dangle onto an ear wire.    We make 3 or 4 pairs of earrings during the Clinic, using chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, cutters and our parts.   We practice what to do when the loops are not round, are not centered, and or have not been closed properly.    We learn how to vary this technique, including making multiple dangles per ear-wire, chaining, and cascading.

4. Let's Make Earrings -- Beads off a Chain   (click to register online)

There are many different earring design techniques.   One of them is connecting beads and dangles off pieces of chain, using jump rings or head pins.    We make 3 or 4 pairs of earrings during the Clinic, using chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, cutters and our parts.   We learn to vary this technique, including using multiple lengths of chain off the same ear-wire, and incorporating our own bead-chain within the designs.


5. How to Crimp  (click to register online)

We learn about selecting the best crimp pliers, cable wires, crimp beads, crimp covers and horseshoe wire protectors.   We practice the 4-step crimping process using the pliers and crimping a crimp bead onto cable wire, until the technique is mastered.  We practice using horseshoe wire protectors.   We practice the 2-step process of putting on crimp covers.


6. Apply A Pricing Formula To Price Your Jewelry  (click to register online)

 Most people either underprice or overprice their jewelry, when trying to sell it.  Often they do not account for all the costs involved, or do not have a consistent way of taking these costs into account.   In this Mini Lesson, we learn to apply a formula which interrelates the costs of parts, labor and overhead.   The formula is used to create a fair retail price.   It can be adapted to create a fair wholesale price, as well.   We learn about the different cost components.   We learn this simple formula and how to apply it.   We use the formula to price 4 different pieces of jewelry.    We discuss marketing strategies related to pricing.    We go over the differences in pricing and selling relative to retail, wholesale and consignment.



7. Kumihimo Basics  (click to register online)

kumihimo1.jpg   kumihimo2.jpg

Learn to braid with a Kumihimo disk.  It's easier than you think.   Learn 2 different braids, how to read diagrams, how to select materials, how to add beads, how to finish off the ends.



8. Peyote Beaded Cabochon Bezel (click to register online)


Learn how to create a bezel setting for a cabochon stone using tubular peyote.  This involves learning to recognize a "step-up" to change rows, and to use 11/0 delicas and 15/0 seed beads in increasing and decreasing.



9.  Wire Wrap Pendant Bail   (click to register online)


Learn how to use wire to make a simple bail for pendants and drops.



10.  Wire Wrap Crystal Point  (click to register)


 Learn to make a wire wrap cage and pendant bail for a crystal point


11. Wire Wrap Clasps and Other Jewelry Findings (click to register)



Learn to make your own wire wrap clasps and other jewelry findings






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